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The Pro and Cons Choose a Homestay

Pro And Cons Choose A Homestay

The Pro and Cons Choose a Homestay

When you are plan for a trip for vacation or visit, you need to look for accommodations for your stay on the place whether a short stay in days or extended period of stay up to months. As in Penang, many travelers and visitors are coming this place for the local attractions, attending events, medical treatment and event study a short course whether in persons, group or family.

There are many option when think to choice of stay and most common would be hotel, service department, dormitory, hostel, Inn, Guest House or Homestay house ( or vacation rental house).

There are leading trends of people opt of HomeStay house instead of hotel due to the popular of platform to book homestay like Airbnb, Homeaway, Roomorama or local platform such as ibilik.

The living situation for the range of homestay can be a basic room rental, with family immersion to the short term rental of the house. The homestay experience can be a rewarding when compare to hotel as there is more than cost saving/ budget stay, and it can be unrivaled opportunity for genuine cultural exchange and special host guide within your stay.


Let’s explore the Pros of staying in Homestay

  1. Save Cost

The most attractive factors of homestay is the cost saving when it compare to the hotel. If you are in a group or in big family, the saving can be significant if you don’t mind not to look for full “hotel services” and need a short stay for an extended period. In some homestay, the host will include breakfast, laundry service and can be arranged for on-demand cleaning services.

  1. Bigger Space

In generally, most of homestay unit is bigger in the room, some cases, the house is with big activity space for event, gathering and have kitchen and freely use of the Living/ dining area. If you stay is included to have a gathering with friends, plan to make a birthday parties for your love one, or use it for your wedding house ( due to outstation), homestay house will be a ideal option.


  1. Cultural Immersion

Stay with the host in some of homestay can provide you a authentic cultural experience for the local life.  However, this is subject to the involvement and type of host family you choose, as some homestay is located out of the major city, not in tourist hot spot, it can be an opportunity to experience to having a reality local daily life in the new place. Some host may provide you with personal tour guides, recommend the non-tourist attractions or famous foods for the local.

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The Cons of a Homestay

1. Rules

Most of homestay is a located in residential, it can be apartment or condominium unit, there are rules set by the host and some guide line need to follow when you have a stay. The rules can be placed to park your car, check in time, noisy time, no pet in the house, smoking guide line, safe use of house appliances etc.


2. Lack of “hotel services”

If you are looking for full hotel services like doorman, cafeteria,  swimming pools, sport activities ( homestay in condominium will have such facilities) during your period of stay, the homestay house like in landed properties may not be suitable.  You may consider the type of facilities available by different type of homestay house that suit you as not all homestay unit are the same.

The concierge support may not be as prompt compare with hotel. The waiting time to get your host to attend to you may be longer.

Everyone has a their own needs and preference with choose your accommodation option in your stay. Take into consideration of all the expectation, budget, experience you are looking for when you travel and visit to Penang. You can consider to have a short stay in homestay vacation and some day in hotel which is suite your itinerary and travelling style.

Happy homestay hunting !

Need to book a HomeStay When you are in Penang or Butterworth?

Try to explore the homestay / vacation rental house for your trip when you are in Penang, Butterworth. The price of the Homestay house for 13 pax is from as low as RM 400.00 only. The early booking are getting more discount and subject to the availability and condition.



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Pro And Cons Choose A Homestay