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Experience Homestay Accommodation in Penang

Most people like travelling and exploring the local culture and experience the lifestyle when visit a new place. Penang has many attractions and not limited to the mainland, Butterworth that enough your time for a short trip of exploring the Pearl of Island in the West of Malaysia.

If you are looking to experiencing the local lifestyle you may consider to take short stay in local ” homestay” house instead of hotel. You can have a real taste of how the local people daily life and eat the local street foods, and not the “tourist”/ “famous” food  that you know in guide book or top search online.

Experience Homestay Accommodation in Penang

Type of Homestay

There are many type of homestay house/ apartment/ condominium has been provided the holiday stay for public, and in some case you have a chance to find a ” Kampung homestay house”.

As the availability of accommodation are easily find in Penang, you may have a few option to stay in different place of Penang according to your itinerary. As traffic congestion is one of major headache when you are in travelling, pre-plan the routing for your trips and place of stay are equally important. Get the host of the homestay to assist you if you are first time visit the Penang.

If you are travelling with a few groups of people or with family members, some time staying in hotel may burst a hole in your pocket. The “standard” size of hotel room may not be spacious as your bedroom and not enough room for interacting when in free time of gathering. A homestay house could be an alternative option where may save you half in cost( compare with hotel/ service apartment on same size) that can spend more on your food and sightseeing activities.

Do explore the homestay house that easy access from major roads ( avoid traffic) if you are driving, and you may have option to get a homestay unit that not crowded and quite place for your relax stay.  Opt to explore the surroundings, try to visit the local wet market, streets, farming, cultural places,buy local goodies,  go to seaside for kite flying, attending musical performances if any, participate in the local activities that suit you and family members. Of course, if you love to shop, there are many department store and shopping available in major place of Penang.

Penang food- Asam laksa

Experience the Foods and Attractions

Despite the visit the attractions ( find out more at Penang Attractions), you should not miss out the foods when you are in Penang or Butterworth ( get more at Food Must Try When in Butterworth). Penang is full of multi culture in races, and also in foods. You can find a Thai food, Mexico food, Japanese food to Mediterranean food if you want, there is always one may suit you, but you must try the local food and fruits ( eg. Durian) if you got a chance.

 Standard of Homestay

The standard of homestay when you choose may need to fulfil the basic standard of accommodation. The basic accommodation, facilities ( eg. air conditioning, fans, water heaters etc). cleanliness, hygienic and safety of the house must be equally well maintain. Of course, the facilities such as gym/ swimming pools like available in hotel will be out of question when you book a homestay house.




Try it out the Homestay Butterworth.


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Experience Homestay Accommodation In Penang