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Food Must Try in Butterworth

Food Must Try in Butterworth

Whether you have a short stay or visit in Butterworth, finding and trying some good foods is a must to do and shall not miss out. Following are some recommended street foods/ local dishes or hawkers foods easily available or daily foods for the local people in Butterworth.

  1. Dim Sum

Although Dim Sum is a famous cuisine from Hong Kong, but it become of the famous breakfast food due to this traditional comfort food for Cantonese in Butterworth, Penang.

There are many variety dim sum serving in dishes and enjoy a hot pot of tea. There are many famous dishes such as :

  • Liu Sha Bao ( Salted yolk Lava buns)
  • Fired Carrot Cake
  • Chicken Feet
  • Dumpling ( Prawn, Yam etc.)
  • Char Siew Bao
  • Prawn Rice Rolls
  • Siew Mai
  • Egg Tart
  • Braised Duck meat
    Recommended place to try :  Restaurant Chaw Choon Dim Sum, Raja Uda

2. Mee Goreng

The famous Mee Goreng or Fried Noddle is a Indian muslim dish that popular in Butterworth too. The taste of fired noddle is blended with sweet tangy tomato gravy with highlight red chilli colour that can crave your taste buds.

Recommended place to try :  Bagan Luar

3. Loh Mee

The yellow noodle bowl of Loh Mee is special serve in thick starchy gravy and added a vinegar and chopped garlic in the side dish.  Don’t forget the rich topping serve with the noodle like braised chicken feet, braised pork, braised Eggs in most of the store.

Recommended place to try :   Ah Koon  Loh Mee, Bagan Luar


4. Char Koay Teow

There are two version of Char Koay Teow in Butterworth, the Malay and Chinese Version.

The chinese version of Char Koay Teow is used of small flat noodle mixed with mantis prawns, dark soy sauce and you may have choose to blessed with chicken or duck egg in some store. The wok hei is the important skill for the chef and serve is banana leaf in a plate.

The malay style of Char Koay Teow is different where it is more gravy and serve in light soup method.  The gravy is mixture of spicy and sweet source, sandy eggs and prawn

Recommended place to try :   Yei Lai Xiang Char Koay Teow,  Raja Uda

&  Sungai Dua Char Koay Teow , Teluk Ayam Di Basuh

5. Chicken Rice

For the rice lover, you should not miss out the chicken rice. Although it is not as famous like Char Koay Teow, but it is a common lunch dish for  most of the people.  It have hainanese ( Wen Chang) and cantonese style of chicken rice available in most of chicken rice stall.

The dish is served with fragrant oiliness rice and spicy chili and ginger paste, of course, the roasted chicken or steamed chicken pieces.

Recommended place to try :    Raja Uda


 6. Asam Laksa

The assam laksa is another can not miss local dishes by Chinese and Malay with the spicy and sour taste of fish broth.

The main ingredient of the dish is used of tamarind ( assam keping),  Assam leaf, ginger flower, balance and prawn paste and added with smooth and tangy rice noodle.

Recommended place to try :    Jalan Benggali, Sungai Puyu

Penang food- Asam laksa

Jalan Ong Yi How Assam Laksa

Others Food

Ban Mian Jalan Ong Yi How

Thai Style Fired Rice

Jeruk Buah Buahan Butterworth

Koay Teow Soup Jalan Raja Uda

Hokkien Mee- Prawn Noddle

Food Must Try In Butterworth

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