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Penang the 17th Best Place to Visit 2017

The 17th Best Place to Visit

CNN Travel expert has name Penang, a beautiful State in West Malaysia is the one of best places ( rank of the 17th best place in the world) to vacation in 2017, after Prince Edward Island, Canada. You can read more from  (


This is one of most of good news for year of 2017, the Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has proudly said that it is proud of Penang and Malaysia.

As highlighted by the CNN travel, the uniquely of Penang to celebrate would be the all the good foods that be able to find in hawker centres, shop houses all over the Georgetown. Of course, for tourist, the good street foods are easily available around any corner of Georgetown. For local, there are more options available everywhere not limited in Penang Island, but cross over the mainland in Butterworth, Batu Kawan, Bukit Mertajam, Jawi and Kepala Batas.

The Penang, Georgetown has been awarded Unesco world heritage site since 2008 where there are many historic buildings ranging from old English colonial mansions, classical chinese shophouses and temple to Islamic mosques are the must visit activities when visit.


The tourist spot not limited into Georgetown, it has wide range of attractions in Penang ( read more in Penang Attractions) available all over the Penang Island and Mainland to cater different needs and purpose of travel habits.

Talk of foods, there are many must try and famous foods when you are in Penang, the following are some of foods for your quick grab.

  • Char Koay Teow :   it is consists of flat rice noodles stir-fried in pork fat with light and dark soy sauce, with prawns, blood cockles in spicy.
  • Penang Asam Laksa : The soup is in tamarind sour base.
  • Chendol : It is a popular dessert made with shaved ice, coconut milk, jelly noodles, and palm sugar.
  • Lor Bak :  various  deep fried meats, seafood, tofu, and vegetables with spicy and sweet source for dipping.
  • Koay Teow Th’ng :  Flat rice noodles in  broth soup with slices of pork, fish balls, fish cake and a tasty broth
  • Penang Rojak : It is local salad consist of bean curds, fritters (you tiao), bean sprouts, cuttlefish and assortment of fruits covered in a thick syrupy peanut sauce
  • Mee Goreng : A must try Indian Muslim dish  that consist of  stir-fired noodles with portions of cuttlefish, potatoes and beansprouts.
  • Nasi Kandar : The Indian Muslim dish that serve with fragrant rice topped with different curry-based meat or vegetable dishes of your choice.
  • Ais Kacang ( ABC) : Another must try deserts that combination of shaved ice and a mixture of red beans, grass jelly, sweet corn, assorted fruits, drizzled with rose syrup and condensed milk
  • Oyster Omelette / Oh Chien : Another popular street food that use of  fresh oysters  and the fried rice flour batter and eggs.\
  • Curry Mee :   Yellow noodles serves that in curry soup with ingredients such as taupok, coagulated blood, blood cockles & cuttlefish.
  • Loh Mee : The dark-coloured gravy  served with yellow noodle and bee hoon  always combine with  cooked pork rib stock, barbecue pork,  five-spiced powder and starched with egg white.

Penang food- Asam laksa

Other than enjoy the penang attractions and yummy hawker foods, there are more reasons for keeping you a good stay, shopping, medical treatment, events  etc when you visit in Penang. Hurry to visit Penang in this year of 2017, if you have not being here or you have more than 1 year not being re-visit, there are sure have some good foods to recall your memory.



Penang the 17th Best Place to Visit 2017

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